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SG Gaming Survey

Dec 09 2013 03:54 PM | Says You in Home

The League Architects are gearing up to create some great gaming events in the coming year.  The new consoles and games present a new set of challenges, changing how a formerly Xbox only community gathers to game.  To get a better handle on the state of things, we are distributing the linked survey.  It is anonymous and covers a broad range of SG related topics.  Please take a few moments to complete the...

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Needs for Speed: Rivals (Xbox One) Review

Nov 25 2013 09:42 AM | SG Stretch in Sports

This game is a ton of fun.   It's a bit Burnout/Blur-sh in it's feel, making it a very arcade-y and fun racer with a perfectly executed SP/MP setup.  No lobbies, no waiting around to get a game going.  If nobody else is on or in your roo...

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S3: HFL 2013 McKility Cup Championship Game

Jul 03 2013 02:32 AM | godsfella1 in League News

In a sweep of the championship series, Godsfella and his gang of gangsters beat Venom and his melty toxic...uh...meltdowners for...

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E3 Detailed Information

Jun 06 2013 02:35 PM | Threctory in Newsflash

E3 2013 Press Conference Schedule

SEAGAR \\ Season 3 Info

Jun 04 2013 03:50 PM | TakenTripod in Home

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